Good night. Sweet dreams 😜❤️😘


according to my calculations image

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No school tomorrow!

Yay for teacher work days :D



oh my god i’m at the grocery store and there is a guy in the frozen section who is tweaked off his balls on some kind hallucinatory drug. 

i’m in the next isle meowing softly through the cereal boxes where he can’t see me and he is losing his shit pulling pizza boxes out of the freezers and yelling that he needs to save the popsicle cat 

am i a bad person  

I love you

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why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

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Anonymous asked: what is your reasoning behind racial slurs and racist comments?


As if I do this outside of an argument. Your race doesn’t make you above criticism. If I’m arguing with a bitch calling me some shit like Cracker, I’m going to call her whatever the fuck I want. 

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